Duke Abettor – BIO

Duke Abettor is is hands down the finest stage hand in the business. He knows the life of the theater like he knows the back of his hand. Always ready to lend a hand, skilled in the sleight of hand of magic, handy all the way around.

Duke Abettor


Ellena Tracy – BIO

Ellena Tracy is the world’s greatest magician’s assistant. She has an incredible lineage of magician’s assistants. Matter of fact, she is named after the two greats that trained her. Do you know who they are? Her pedigree is unmatched.

Ellena Tracy


David Copperfinger – BIO

David Copperfinger, magician extraordinaire, comes from a long history of magicians. David’s great great grandfather was the one and only, the great Harry Copperfinger. One of the pioneers of modern magic as we know it today. Harry would wow audiences all over the world with feats of strength and the ability to escape anything.

Harry Copperfinger

David became a house hold name in his own right during the 1980’s. Back then he had a style all his own, and he went by the name “Retro”. Performing grand illusions and was an accomplished card manipulator. He toured all over the world dazzling royalty.


Today, David Copperfinger, your favorite magician and mine, has become the magician extraordinaire that we have all come to know and love. Performing all kinds of magic from his very own David Copperfinger Theater.

David Copperfinger